From chaos to categorized
From unkept to tidy
From lost to found
Your life will be profound with Karin around!

Greetings entrepreneurs, families and busy professionals…

ORGANIZE with Purpose! is here to make your life more organized, with a full range of services to put paperwork and disarray back in its place. Get more control with less time wasted searching, managing and relocating workflow.

Your time is precious and so are your belongings, but if you can’t seem to locate either then it could create havoc. Stacks of papers that accumulate, old clothes that no longer fit, desks piled up with mounds of work, and ‘to do’ projects that have yet to be fulfilled can make you feel tired and always behind. Stress can take its toll on your health and financial well-being.

So, grab life by the horns and regain control. With Organize with Purpose! we specialize in organizing those things you simply don’t have the time or energy to do. Kick clutter to the curb and become more productive with a professional who is bonded and insured to help you recapture your life.

Organizing Services offered:

Business & Home Office Organizing – office projects can include:

  • Work areas and desks
  • Stacks of paperwork and documents
  • Filing system implementation
  • Computer file organization – including emails, documents, work
  • Space reconfiguration and design
  • Advice and consultations
  • Productivity coaching

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Residential / Home Organization – places we can organize:

  • Closets, Clothes and Bedrooms
  • Kids Rooms or play areas
  • Kitchen and bathrooms
  • Home offices
  • Stacks of photos, collectibles or scrapbook stuff
  • Garages and storage areas
  • Cluttered spaces inside or outside

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Relocation Services – make moving easier with:

  • Planning & Arrangement services
  • Sorting, supervising and packing
  • Inventory Assessments
  • Organized possessions by room
  • Storage planning
  • Unpacking and setup

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