Karin Runciman Flagg, Professional Organizer

Some people were born to be organized. For Karin Runciman Flagg, it is just the nature of her personality. So in 2004, Organize This! was created to help people regain control over clutter and the subsequent chaos that is manifested in a busy world.

Karin’s belief is that in order to be the best within your professional industry, you should learn as much as possible about your area of business. She holds a degree in Interior Design, having graduated with honors from Rochester Institute of Technology in 1992. Karin’s interest in Interior Design helps to enhance the type of work she does, by offering a comprehensive array of organizational services geared towards commercial, residential, business and families. Her innately creative use of space incorporates an ergonomic and functional element with a clean and beautiful touch.

Aside from the work she does for private clients, Karin has designed and implemented office systems within the dot.com industry and worked at IKEA Home furnishings (Organize Your Living) as an interior designer. Throughout her years working in the corporate world, Karin has acquired a knack for details and has learned the importance of having a well organized workspace and home environment. Because of her aptitude for organizing, she is able manage multiple projects and clients. This includes vast amounts of information retrieval; including paperwork, emails, managing appointments, meeting deadlines and multi-tasking demand of organized solutions.

Now in its sixth year as a company, Organize with Purpose! continues to grow and service the demands of its clients proficiently… one piece of paper at a time!

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