Because your sanity depends on her and your time is valuable…

Attention all procrastinators!

Your life is busy, hectic and full of commotion. That’s how you got so discombobulated in the first place. However, a space that is unorganized can cause a snowball of problems; like missed appointments, going over deadlines, misplaced items and paperwork, and plenty of lost time spent searching for things instead of tending to work or your family.

Perhaps you don’t realize just how much it affects you. For some people, chaos is just part of the daily stress of living. Wouldn’t it be nice to be more carefree? Happy? To spend less time hunting and more time being productive?

In fact, you could be losing more than just time. Time is valuable, so you could also be losing a lot of productive hours and lost opportunities. Whether you have a business or a family – or both – you could be losing a lot of income in lost work hours. Let’s say your time is worth $30 or $40/hr. If you spend an hour or two every day hunting for things, that’s an average of $250 each week; or $13,000 each year! So… STOP… take a deep breath… and call Karin!

Karin …

  • Has a BFA in Interior Design
  • Gives every client personalized, undivided attention
  • Focuses on the task until it is done
  • Is totally confident
  • Is an active member of NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers), among other associations including the Four Points Chamber of Commerce and Life Team
  • Has the expertise to find the right organizing style for you using proven, tailored methods
  • Fun, fast and easy to work with to get and stay organized
  • Is professional, trustworthy, non-judgmental, patient, and confidential
  • Has experience in the corporate world which she applies to her business clients
  • Identifies your strengths and problem areas to develop a customized system for you
  • Believes that clutter prohibits productivity
  • Handles it all – papers, file cabinets, purging, tickler files, electronic files, calendars and more
  • Holds you accountable to make better use of your time and productivity
  • Sifts and sorts to streamline paperwork and manage projects effectively

Save all that frustration, stress, disarray and lost earnings. Organize This! will put you back in control of your workspace and help you make better use of your time. Each client that Karin serves has a unique need to be fulfilled. She tailors each situation to the distinctive needs of each individual. There is no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to your lifestyle, therefore she listens and makes no-nonsense suggestions that will make an immediate impact on your life. There is no need to be shy or embarrassed, no matter how much of a wreck you think your home or office may be. She has seen it all and that’s why she started this business. Organize This! is here to help busy people like you!

Discover how much more enjoyable your world will be with a little organization! . Call  (512) 585-8424  or click here to learn more.