A fresh new room and functional space… using your own belongings!

When you hire an interior design, typical protocol calls for great expense to completely redo the room and buy new accessories and/or furniture to complete the look. Organize with Purpose! offers a unique service that enables homeowners and businesses the opportunity to get a fresh new appearance without the cost of purchasing new items.

Using your own existing possessions, we can rearrange and make use of what you have to create a whole new arrangement. This service is perfect for homeowners, realtors who are in the process of selling a home, senior citizens or families who may be downsizing, and people who just have a lot of clutter in a confined space who want to minimize the look of chaos by finding an alternative approach.

Using the client’s existing treasures, we were able to create a room that looks brand new. It’s the affordable way to get an interior designer quality look for your home without spending money on buying all new things. We call this “ROOM REINVENTION”. You already have nice stuff, so why buy more things you don’t need? Organize with Purpose! will update your style and create dramatic results with the things you already own and love. Contact me today to learn more about this fascinating new approach to interior decorating.