Lee W., Austin TX


Upon moving into my new house, I had such wonderful plans of starting from scratch to set up my home in just the right way to be pleasant, neat and organized. It wasn’t long, however until I saw that the same old patterns of disarray in some of my rooms reappeared. I found myself putting off projects because the job of getting organized was just too daunting.
I had an old jeep to rebuild that was in many parts but my garage had become a helter-skelter storage space. Karin very effectively showed me how to reorganize my garage space using my existing square footage to make it into an efficient work space with room to move around. As a result of her guidance, I felt as though a weight had been lifted from me. I no longer avoided the garage and the project and in fact, found a new excitement in getting started and finishing the jeep project in a very short time. Thank you Karin.

Thanks again,
Lee w., Austin TX